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According to the old customer's requirenment,we design theMPPT Solar

charge controllers packing with colorful design.

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Fangpusun Solsum F series PWM Solar regulator,simple design,easy to 

use,Specially for the Street light system.

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   This design*Solar charge controller,easy to read,set the data with the

button,popular for home solar system,DIY PV 

system,contact us for more informations 

Fangpusun sine wave off grid inverter,high efficiency,accuracy,pure 

waveform quality,higher purity than the mains power,specially designed 

for entertainment and industrial applications,widely used,welcome to 


MPPT charge controller fm80 view history operation instructions:First, 

turn on the power, LCD screen displays today, recording 128 days at most< day – > display log information one day ago,

log can be displayed from the past 128 days

< day + > one day after displaying the log information, if it is displayed today, press this key to return the log to the past 128 days.

These historical records specifically include daily cumulative 

ampere hours and kilowatt hours, as well as readings of peak power, 

current, and voltage 

It also includes flexmax's timer battery charger Use up and 

down software control to check the record of specific date

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