Fangpusun Xtender RCM-10 Remote Control Module for XTM XTH Hybrid inverter

Product Details

Rcm-10 realizes the following functions: main on / off contact point and remote control input

1. External contact point of main on / off: the control module rcm-10 can be hot swapped directly without interrupting the operation of the equipment. The main power switch function of the system can be obtained by connecting a passive contact between terminals 1 and 2.

When the contact is closed, it turns off. Terminals 3 to 6 of the rcm-10 are used as remote control inputs. Under the premise that 3 and 4 are short circuited, remote control defined functions can be activated by connecting dry contacts (7) between 5 and 6, or by a maximum 60 V AC or DC voltage between terminals 4 and 5.

2. Remote control input: there is a remote control command input terminal for the system. On / off is the main power switch of the system. Turning it off will turn off the system power supply and all the peripheral devices of the computer. At this time, the battery power consumption is less than 1 mA. On / off is only used for the complete stop of the whole system.

This function can be achieved by using the remote command module rcm-10.

The module can be installed on 35mm guide rail

5m cable (maximum length 10m) attached

Size: 45 x 78mm height: 40mm

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