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Product Details

Remote control
 The Fangpusun Tarom and Power  Tarom charge controllers send out signals (125 kHS on 300 Baud) which are  modulated on the DC cable and received by the Fangpusun PA 15 remote control.
 These signals contain information  on the batteries’ state of charge SOC. The Fangpusun PA 15 features five  different operating modes (see below) which can be set using five different  jumper positions. The maximum switching capacity of 15 A can be increased with  a Fangpusun PA EV200 DC relay to up to 200A if desired.
 Product  features
 Receives information on SOC and  time (day/night)
 Load control via priority  assignment
 Adjustable SOC thresholds
 Connects a maximum of 9 solar  arrays in parallel
 Current surge switch function
 Electronic  protection functions
 Switches  off load if there is no signal
 Reverse polarity protection by  internal fuse
 Overtemperature and overload  protection
 Configuration  by jumpers
 Modes of  operation
 Management  of parallel solar generators
 When the battery is full, excess  energy is redirected to additional loads such as pumps, water heaters
 Automation start/ stop of diesel  or wind back-up generators
 Night light function
 Acoustic alarm at deep discharge  or overheating
 Compliant with European Standards  (CE)
 ROHS compliant
 Made in china

     PA 15

Characterisation of the operating    performance

Power supply


Data transmission

300 Baud

Transmission frequency

125Khz signal frequency,
     450hkz intermediate frequency

DC output side

Load current

15A; 10A at 40℃;    100A pulse <10us


Overload protection

by 15A fuse

Wrong polarity protection


Operating conditions

Ambient temperature


Fitting and construction

Terminal(fine/single wire)


Degree of protection

IP 22

Dimension(X x Y x Z)




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