PA RC100

PA RC100
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Product Details

Remote  control
Fangpusun PA RC100 remote control  allows to program Fangpusun solar charge controllers. The values can be  adjusted with the help of switches. After a restart of the charge controller  the new settings can be activated by pressing the program-button on the  Fangpusun PA RC100. An LED will transfer the values to the controller.
Product  features
Low  weight
Simple installation
Low own consumption
Best reliability


PA RC100

Characterisation of the operating    performance

Supply voltage

4.5v(3*1.5v AAA/RO3 batteries)

Adjustable parameters

Type of battery: gel/liquid
     Night- light function
     End of charge    voltages(float/boost/equal)
     Deep discharge protection(LVD)
     LVD factor
     Switch-on threshold

Suitable for the following
     Fangpusun charge controllers

Fangpusun Solsum F
     Fangpusun PRS
     Fangpusun Solarix MPPT 2010

Fitting and construction

Dimensions (X x Y x Z)




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