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XTM Inverter With Charger

Jan 24, 2019

Fangpusun XTM inverter start to sell now, they’re pure sine wave power inverter. Generator charging and solar panel charging can be connected at the same time. XTM Power inverter models are 1500-12, 2000-12, 2400-24, 2600-48V, 3500-24V, 4000-48V. 

Its advantage as following:

- High efficiency 86%-93%

- Inverter won't burst when overload

- Maximum 9 units inverter in group for 36KW

- 3 units series connection to be three-phase inverter 380V

- Built in charger for AC charging

- As like big power UPS, continued electricity longer.

- Accessory RCC-03 SD card save system data

Please refer to following wiring diagram of 15KW system (48V battery,12KW loading), installation with fangpusun Flexmax MPPT 60A  solar charge controller, battery balancer, battery monitor and XTM inverter.



Also show you our client buy fangpusun products and feedback photo to us, praise XTM inverter with stronge function.