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Why Fangpusun Expensive

May 01, 2019

Fangpusun is 9 years old, fangpusun solar controller has entered tens of millions of families and shops. Our salesmen surveyed the solar charge controller users and summarized the evaluation of fangpusun: solar regulator good quality with long life, higher price than other China suppliers.

In China, there is a saying: you get what you pay for, wool comes out of sheep.

Therefore, when Chinese people buy things, they won’t blindly buy low-price goods, because they are inferior goods usually. Ultimately, it is not used several times to scrap, or the effect is poor too much, resulting badly in consistent.


Fangpusun MPPT solar battery charging controller has a professional sales team, one-to-one service customer from beginning to end. Many people may comment on Chinese suppliers as follows: "When there are quality problems, suppliers will avoid, do not reply to buyer information, do not give solutions, with negatively."

However, fangpusun's sales team will do the following when receive customer feedback:

1. Reply to email messages within 1 hour

2. Provide solutions, free maintenance or free replacement within 2 hours when customes provide pictures and videos.

3. Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co., LTD Company bears the freight for replacement.

Lastly,  above commitment is the best expression of our sincerity to users.