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Welcome To Fangpusun Channel

Apr 24, 2020

Hello everybody ! welcome to my channel ~ 

fangpusun has Youtube official channel now(screaming and applauding),because we are too busy in work everyday, we nearly forget make youtube video,we think many people must very boring  at home in this special time,so we start run this in 2020. Stay at home,stay with fangpusun .


Youtube channel Q&A coming. Let’s find a real fangpusun. 

Q1,what can I see in fangpusun  channel ?

A1, Nice question! Fangpusun  channel has 4 groups video, there are 

MPPT solar charge controller 

PWM solar charge controller

XTM/XTH inverter 

Pure sine wave inverter 

Every group has products brief description of products,For example , PWM solar charge controller with PR solar charge controller and Solsum E solar street light controller video, and the video will show you the housing ,package ,display and so on. 


Different group let you can find every products more easier, fangpusun will establish a group for new products , such as XTM/XTM  inverter.

In the future, we will establish function group. Such as : set voltage , set battery , and  program XTM /XTM inverter. 

Q2,How often the video update ?

A2,We will update it 2~3 days, but in special time we will update it once every 4~5 days.  


Q3, Could you shot products video for which I need ?

A3, Absolutely Yes! We would like shot products video for every customer or who want to become our customer. As long as the request video is agreed and lawful.

Q4,How to find fangpusun Youtube channel?

A4,You must be a genius, it is the most important question,

The channel link as below 



Keep safe and stay at home, freedom air will coming soon. 

Let’s subscribe to fangpusun channel now!