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We’re Fangpusun

Dec 11, 2020

             A lot of times, customers always ask, "Do you make products for Studer/ Victon/ OUTBACK ?" No, we are Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,Ltd., we only produce our own brand fangpusun.

             To put it simply, we are a Chinese factory, taking advantage of China's low labor cost, We import electronic accessories from Korea, Japan and the United States to produce intelligent MPPT solar charge controller and pure sine wave power inverter with the same construction and function as original brands, so as to provide users with top brand solar products at competitive prices.

             When you compare fangpusun solar charge controller price with the solar controllers made in China, we must be the one with higher price. So, let's be fair. Please compare fangpusun solar controller with outback/ Victron MPPT solar controller. With the same quality and function, will we still be the one with high price? NO!!!!!!! We are on the lower price side.

             As same as off grid inverter, fangpusun Xtender inverter got deeply loved by dealers, hybrid inverter/ charger XTM XTH series has been customized no logo for distributors.