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Two New Members Will Join Fangpusun Famaily

Feb 27, 2019

First Fangpusun Thank you for your support and trust to our company , For market and customer request , In April this Year , We will have One New MPPT Series Solar Charge Controller and One New Inverter / Charger coming . Always High quality and trustworthy .


Fangpusun Solarix MPPT 3020 5020

12v 24v 30A / 12v 24v 48v 50A

  • High efficiency maximum power point tracker (MPPT)

  • Wide input voltage range (100VOC 150VOC)

  • LED display

  • Automatic battery voltage detection

  • Full load protection

Fangpusun XTH Series Inverter / Charger

12V 24V 48V / 2500va 4500va 5000va 7000va

Powerful , Flexible , Ease of Use , Multipurpose

  • The unit basically works as an inverter and as a charger, combined with a transfer relay.

  • Increase the power on one phase by putting 2 or 3 Xtenders in parallel.

  • Three-phase power supply from a single phase source.

  • Three-phase source for a three-phase power supply.

  • Three-phase power supply with increase of the power on one phase by setting 2 or 3 units in parallel on this phase.

  • Three-phase power supply with 3 units on each phase; for power up to 72kW.


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