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Trump Taxation? I Don’t Care !

Jul 17, 2018

Trump Taxation? I don’t care !

As we all know, Trump began to levy taxes on some Chinese products from 6th. July 2018, which has given the United States and Canadian customers a lot of pressure and a little impact on China's suppliers.


We don’t care !!!!

Yeah~~~~~There is a good news for everyone !!!

Our solar controller, H.S.8537109090, is not in the range of Taxation!!! Wholesalers and dealers in the United States and Canada can assured of a large quantity purchase fangpusun solar charge controllers.

If one day Trump is in a bad mood, should he start to levy taxes on solar MPPT controller? Ha ha ha, so now hurry to buy more battery charge controllers to do inventory. You need to know that the quality of fangpusun MPPT solar controller is good and stable, and after-sales service is fast and efficiency. All of our solar battery regulators guarantee for 2 years, customers can raise the price for 5 years guarantee if necessary.  So,  why you not make more inventory?

At the same time, materials are rising in price, wages are rising, and our factories may increase prices any time.

The United States and Canada clients, hurry up catch opportunity purchase much more quantity solar energy charge controller before Trump taxation.