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True Pure Sine Wave VS Modified Sine Wave

May 08, 2019

What Kind of Power Inverter Do I Need ? A Simple Look at Pure Sine Wave Inverters vs Modified Sine Wave Inverters 




For many users, they just want to know if they can choose a less expensive modified sine wave power inverter and still run their devices. Yes ,But please don’t forget your devices maybe is more expensive than your modified sine wave inverter , a wrong choose work with your devices will cost you very much .

There was no doubt that the price for Pure sine wave must higher than Modified sine wave inverters , Please Noted it’s Higher not Expensive .


Quality :


So why I need this cost for Pure Sine Wave inverter ?

Three key parameters for Inverter : Output Power , Efficiency , Output waveform Quality .

A Ture Pure Sine Wave can be reach more than 90% . and With Good Output waveform are widely used in various fields : Computer , Communication Systems ,Household , aviation, emergency, communication, industrial equipment, satellite communication equipment, military vehicles, medical ambulances, police cars, ships, solar energy and wind power generation


What About The Fangpusun Inverters ???

Fangpusun Made All with Pure Sine Wave Inverters , With Real Full power and have 3 Series For Choose :


FPS Series : 300w 600w with Small design and reliable design.

PROsine : 1000w 1800w 90% high efficiency and Have one SPECIAL function can be Connect with your Home Grid Power so that can be automatic switch when your Battery bank haven’t power can get it from Grid.

XTM and XTH Series : 1500w , 2000w , 2500w , 3000w , 3500w , 4500w , 5000w and 7000w Big Power series Support your devices use and SPECIAL design with Battery Charger function . One More AC INPUT can be connect with your other AC source such as a power generator or a charger connection .

If you have a device that you are unsure of whether or not it requires a pure sine wave inverter, give us a call.