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The First Snow In 2021

Jan 07, 2021

The First Snow in 2021


Fangpusun Locates in Wenzhou City , Our district has a mild climate , No Winter cold and summer heat-free . We haven't had snow for many years , And today is the first snow in 2021 .


7th January , 2021 . The temperature is 3°, No Sunshine , overcast day .


As we know the Solar PV system also affected by temperature and weather , The direct influence factors are irradiation intensity, sunshine duration and the working temperature of solar cell module , As today is a special day for us , so we decide to test our FLEXmax MPPT solar charge controllers , and test how is working when in bad weather .


The test solar system are connect with 2Kw Solar Panels , Connect with one FLEXmax MPPT 80A SOLAR CHARGE CONTROLLER , and with a 200Ah 48V battery Bank .

(In 48v Solar system , FLEXmax MPPT Can be Connect with The Maximum 3600W PV power)




Interested thing is in this very bad wether , The FLEXmax MPPT 80 still have 92.5V PV voltage and still in Charging status , not affected by any temperature , always keep the very high efficiency . and if all days we can still get a more than 1000W power from PV , It’s very goods choose used in Solar system .


In China , A snow year , a rich year . Fangpusun wish all custome have a rich year .

Happy new years 2021!