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The Difference Between Solar Energy And Generator

Apr 30, 2020

All kinds of power generation methods in the world, the most used ones in our life are solar power system and diesel generator. So what are the differences between the them?

The way of solar panel system is gradually applied to people's life through step-by-step groping experiments. Most of the energy we need comes directly or indirectly from the solar energy. The main energy of solar system comes from the solar energy, because the harm to nature is very small, so it is also called the new energy. It is also one of the most ideal energy sources for future research objects of scientific and technological scientists.

Diesel generators have history of several hundred years, beginning with the second industrial revolution. With the powerful development of science and technology and mechanization, diesel generator appears in our life. Its main energy is from diesel, and its resource utilization rate is very high, and there are also relatively some environmental pollution problems. The most important thing is that the generator has rotating parts, so be careful of "mechanical damage"; when there is voltage, be careful of "electric shock" to prevent personal injury. If there is fuel, it is necessary to "be careful of fire" and "inflammable and explosive". The generator is overloaded during operation and damages the machinery.

Of course, these security problems will not appear in solar power system. Because the fangpusun solar charger controller and Xtender XTM XTH inverter/ charger in the current solar power system are intelligent, many data can be reminded on the computer and mobile phone, and the MPPT solar controllers have various protection measures.