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The Design Of Solar Street Lights

Jan 19, 2015

Today small series solar controller is to introduce some of the design issues concerning solar street light controller, here we follow the small series from three aspects to understand some simple design on solar lights:

1. Select the controller can not be ignored

Select the controller is often a problem is being ignored contractors, poor quality controller layer missing, 12V / 10A controller market prices ranging from $ 100-200, although the entire street is the smallest part of the value system, but it is a very important aspect. The quality control of procurement costs directly affect the life of the solar street lighting system components and the entire system.

(1) should be chosen with automatic lowering power solar controller, this controller is based on the remaining capacity of the battery, automatically reduces the output power to the load. Insufficient battery capacity, the controller reduces the output current. After the battery capacity recovery, and restore the original controller output current to achieve energy-saving effect, this feature is very useful.

Controllers (2) should be selected with adjustable power controller with power regulation has been widely promoted, can automatically reduce the operating current of the LED lamp few pedestrians at night time, save electricity, but also saves the configuration panels ratio.

(3) To select high charging efficiency controller with MCT charge mode controller can automatically track the maximum current of the battery plates, to avoid unnecessary waste charging.

Most (4) waterproof controller, the controller mounted on the pole base, especially in the rainy season, it is easy to water, the controller must choose waterproof controller, so as to extend the life of the system and reduce maintenance costs.

(5) In addition to selecting more energy-saving features, but also should pay attention to controller batteries and other components of protection, such as having a trickle charge mode controller can well protect the battery, increasing battery life, in addition to setting the controller undervoltage protection value, try to tune in undervoltage protection value ≥ 11.1V, to prevent battery over-discharge, battery overcharge, over discharge will reduce the service life.

2, light, heat and constant.

Because longer life LED lights, and can work through the night to reduce the power sub-period, so it is used as solar street lighting or general engineering will use LED lights. But the poor quality LED lights uneven layer, the light fades serious LED six months it is possible to attenuate 50% light intensity, so be sure to choose the light fades slower LED lights. LED lights to do the most important heat and constant problem, constant current drive, or you can use the controller plus a constant current through the constant, it is necessary to rely on aluminum heat sink to dissipate heat, it is best to increase copper or brass in aluminum below to more efficient heat dissipation, control the temperature, LED's life will be longer.

3, do not reduce the configuration, otherwise more harm than good

Among the many practical applications of solar street lights, solar lights in many places not meet the normal lighting needs, especially in light of the lack of continuous rainy days and winter period is more prominent, in addition to the use of poor quality related components, another major reason is blindly reduce component costs, not according to the needs of design configuration, reducing the use of solar panels and batteries standard, resulting in a rainy day can not provide street lighting.