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Teach You How To Save Money

Apr 21, 2019

When you're still paying high electricity bills to the country, are you thinking about using green energy-- solar power?

You must to be a smart and environmentally friendly person in the 21st century. Using solar panels to charge batteries is the first step to save money!!

After finding the right direction, how can we save money when we assemble the solar energy system in the second step? Are you buying high price European-made solar charge controllers? Of course not!!! It's so expensive!! How can we achieve the goal of saving money?

So, is it a cheap Chinese solar MPPT controller? Emmm... It will take two months to break down, then buy another one to replace, and it will break down again in two months. Wouldn't it be more expensive and wasteful by cheap solar controller, it with bad quality.

So today I would like to recommend a controller that my home solar energy system is using. It looks bright and beautiful like the blue sky, it makes me feel good every time I see it. When charging, the LED lights flashed like telling me that the current had passed through the solar panel and charged into the battery. My neighbor came to my house and saw it. He was surprised and said, "Wow... This is European design!!! “ Hahaha, I was very proud, because I bought European design and quality at a low price for Chinese MPPT solar controllers!!!

Wenzhou Xihe Electrica Co.,Ltd provides 2-year warranty and free replacement maintenance. It has been working hard and complaining for 3 years in my family and has never had a rest. I have to award blue MPPT100/50 solar controller a hard work medal.