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Solar Controller Failure Analysis

Jan 19, 2015

Solar products because it contains appear now advocated green energy, more and more people like, solar lights is one of them, solar lights are solar-powered street light controller to control their own into a system used in solar system being. Here we follow a small series solar controller is simple to understand, are you:

1. The solar controller status indicator to determine fault

General Solar controller system involving various electrical components have status indication, such as whether the current battery charge status is normal, is in undervoltage condition; whether the light source is operating normally, whether in normal discharge or in some kind of protection status; solar charging status indication . According to the investigation of these states can easily work out the current status of the system, and even find the point of failure.

2, device failure of performance

Several common fault manifestations of solar LED street lighting equipment for: lighting components do not work, light is not bright, shining light, light delay lights illuminated road illumination significantly reduced; insufficient or too long time lighting; solar panels are shelter, pollution; lamps damaged, dirty, displacement; device is tilted, missing parts, broken.