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Solar Controller "cloudy"

Jan 19, 2015

An adaptation of the new street Chengdu higher cost

In fact, Chengdu only "Solar" deficiencies, "Wind" is minimal, the production of solar wind street light manufacturers are designing for Chengdu on Pofeizhouzhe street, the majority of manufacturers have introduced to ensure the normal use after five consecutive cloudy days in Chengdu new energy lights. However, able to adapt to the new energy conditions in Chengdu street will cost higher.

"In the center of the road is 4-6 lux illumination requirements (illumination unit), 8-10 hours lighting time effects, for example, in order to achieve the same effect with the lighting in the western area of Chengdu, Chengdu used in street lighting configuration package the 30-50% higher material costs will also be 15-20 percent higher price. "Chengdu Municipal Government, senior technology consultant optoelectronics industry, Chengdu optoelectronic engineering and technology research center chief expert Fan Chaoxun introduce the so-called material cost is the street solar panels area will be greater, the battery power will be higher, and the controller will be better and so on, "because such a street in Chengdu will be able to survive."

2, autumn and less bright light no electricity for half an hour

Uncle Lee installed Huanglong Valley Village Harvest batch solar hybrid street lighting remember, was installed street is summer, "more days out of the sun in the summer, fall and winter days will not do one night not long bright, bright and sometimes half an hour would be finished. "

The villagers found that although these new street lights do not pay electricity bills, but "fragile." "Because Chengdu light less than 1000 hours a year, doing less than three hours a day," a person in charge of the county and Technology Bureau explained that, in Shuangliu County, "Bright Solar Technology Demonstration Project", Chengdu is also the problem of weak light conditions haunt them:. "summer in good condition, miserable winter, often cloudy days in a row, solar lights on the light is not long, not even light situation also had" According to reports, the same street in Panzhihua, Aba Hongyuan area, the effect is very good, "must admit, Chengdu illumination time can not be compared with the western area."

3, a large area to promote "almost impossible"

"In addition to Shuangliu, Chengdu, solar street lights in various districts failed to 'large' promotion." Shuangliu County, once for "solar light technology demonstration project" to provide equipment Ding Ming Optoelectronics Technology Co., the person in charge, whether it is 2005 began a pilot solar street Dujiangyan, or the most solar lights Shuangliu County, failed to promote this street.

According to the Chengdu City Lighting Management Office, responsible person, although solar street is very environmentally friendly, but it is free to determine its characteristics of grid stability is worse than traditional lamps, plus once the light intensity is weak, etc., if used in trunk experiencing extreme weather and power outages, even if he wanted the patch can not be achieved through artificial lighting restored, but also may easily cause an accident. Therefore, the new energy street in Chengdu, a large area in order to promote the use of "almost impossible."