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Show You China Factory Production

Sep 03, 2019

It's time to show the Monthly Sharing, today we will show you the XTH 8000 - 48 Inverters being produced in our workshop.


The power inverter looks like a small box, 230 * 300 * 500 mm in size and weighs 46 kgs, equivalent to the weight of a 13-year-old child. Installation requires need two people to move together. I tried, one person simply can not move XTH 8000 - 48 hybrid inverter. After all, you can see in the workshop table, there is a huge transformer. Nancy tried, and the transformer really couldn't push.


Looking at the pictures of these home power inverter accessories carefully, each one is exquisitely crafted. Most of them are purchased from abroad. We assemble and test them in China. Because of the low labor costs, we can offer our customers competitive prices.


This XTH 8000 - 48 solar inverter is different from other inverters on the Chinese market, unlike their simple DC TO AC functions. We can connect 9 sets in parallel, assemble into three-phase, connect Bluetooth, connect RSR-232 and SD card to store system data.


Babies, pay attention, this is an intelligent inverter, play around of your friends, for example Linked, facebook, let you arrogant once!