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Serious Consequences Of No Solar Controller

Apr 06, 2019

If there’s an off-grid solar charging system installed in your home, you must know that contain solar panels, inverters, batteries and solar charging controllers.

What? You don't know which part is the solar controller?

It's the important part that connects the solar panels to the batteries. Why is it important?


More than a decade ago, when solar controllers were not sold in some poor areas, people only connect solar panels and batteries with a diode instead of solar battery controller. However, due to the simple diode has no protective effect of overcharge, over-temperature and over current, it leads to the solar battery expansion explosion burning. The explosion will inevitably cause fire, and the loss will be more serious! This is the danger of lacking a solar controller.


So what about the PWM controller and the MPPT charge controller? The efficiency of PWM solar controller for solar panels is 60%~70%, MPPT solar controller for solar panels is 98%. There is almost no waste of solar energy, and the most efficient conversion of solar energy into batteries.


Therefor, in order not to damage the battery and cause property damage, high efficient use of solar panel electricity, quickly buy fangpusun MPPT solar controllers.