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Save Money, Low Carbon First

Dec 03, 2019

  With the improvement of people's living standards and the awareness of energy conservation and environmental protection, low-carbon approach into every household, Xtender inverter is a green energy solution.

What is an Xtender inverter?

  Xtender inverter is a true energy manager, unique and compact, with five main functions. It can be an off-grid inverter, battery charger, current injector, transmission system, and support for ac power supply. Provides additional flexibility for real-time transmission. Through these functions, available energy can be managed and used in an intelligent and efficient manner.

  The main features of Xtender inverter are:

1. High conversion efficiency and fast start-up speed;

2. Good safety performance: the product has 5 protection functions:

short circuit,overload,overvoltage/undervoltage and overheat;

3. Good physical properties: the product adopts a full aluminum shell with good heat dissipation performance and hard oxidation treatment on the surface.

4. Good wear resistance, can resist extrusion or external impact;

5. Strong load adaptability and stability

  A good product cannot be separated from a good design concept,The Xtender inverter's attention to detail and engineering ensures that every consumer has access to the highest quality products。

  When you buy the Xtender inverter, you will get quality, reliability, and superior construction with first-class customer service.