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Purchase Order

Apr 27, 2020

Now many overseas cities are closed. What can we do at this time?

yes!! Turn on the Internet, we can still keep working with computers. Hmmmmm.... Should you ask your customers how effective of solar charge controller working they bought from you? Or, ask those potential prospective customers, maybe it's a deal!!

Of course, the most important thing is, it's a strong purchasing season. Do you forget to check the inventory of solar products power inverter and solar controller? The 14 days lockdown passed in a flash. When life and work were recovered, when the user asked you to buy fangpusun solar controllers, he found it was out of stock, which was really terrible.

I have calculated the time of the whole process after you place the order:

1.Wenzhou Xihe warehouse sent out - 2 hours

2.Forwarder pick up cargos—2 days

3.Schedule sea shipping or air flights ---10 days

4.Ship by sea – 90-120 days

5.Ship by air –10-15 days

Now place an order, when the virus is over, when the trade is recovered, that you just receive the MPPT solar charge controllers, just show them to see, make the deal and get profit.