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Protective Effect Of Solar Control Device

Jan 19, 2015

An electric heater protection

As a type of solar energy in the form of drowning, Sheung Shui to full morning, noon and gradually use after heating at night. If the water has been used in a solar cell or nearly exhausted, the electric heater has been completely exposed on the surface of the air In this case if you start electric heating, due to the rapid increase in temperature after the electric heater is energized, we called the dry phenomenon. Elevated water heat can not be taken away, it will cause a burning electric heater. Despite the development of anti-dry electric heater, there are not afraid of dry quartz heater, but proved the ability of these products to protect themselves poor. So we should avoid this heater is not submerged in water phenomenon. Almost all current solar controller, has anti-dry function: When the water level in the two cells (50%) below the water heater is not heated, and some also start water feature will be added to the water two cells (50 %) or more reheating. This prevents the electric heater burnout failure.

2, to prevent the tube burst protection

Vacuum tube water heater burst is the problem more often encountered after vacuum tube burst, the water loss, the solar water heater will not work properly. So good solar control device comes with more protection.

When a solar water heater tank, if you encounter strong sunlight, water evaporates quickly vacuum inside the light, this time, the temperature inside the tube will soon rise, usually three minutes you can reach more than 200 degrees. Then if you encounter cold water, vacuum tube will rupture, so the controller has set limits around 80 ℃ temperature control, when the tank is in the dry state (water level in a grid below), the tank temperature exceeds the control limits 80 ℃, solar energy is not water only when the tank temperature drops below the temperature limit (for example, in the evening), solar energy will be flooded.

3, to prevent heating cable fire protection

Band is a heating element, general and solar stick together down pipes, water pipes to prevent the cracking in the cold winter. Because of a wide range of heating cable contact, once prone and aging fire, it must add this feature. It is a course of action: Xianxiang band powered controller for 10-15 minutes, then press the user-defined delay time 10-90 minutes, stopping power (to stop heating), the delay time, continue to heat for 10-15 minutes this cycle of action until the user presses the button again to cycle, band stop heating. This process avoids long-term power band, aging fire and other accidents.

4, to prevent a lot of leakage protection

Solar water heaters are more fault: it's full of water caused by the phenomenon of sensor failure; a lot of leaky tube rupture failure, these failures resulting in huge loss of customers of water, resulting in economic losses. For this reason, a considerable number of controllers have the anti-flooding function, generally after the solenoid valve opens solar, full of water can be more than 15-20 minutes, after 30 minutes if the solenoid valve has not closed, the control device automatically closes the solenoid valve prevent overflow phenomenon.

5, leakage protection

To prevent leakage phenomenon in the use of solar energy, most of the control device has a leakage protection. Leakage protection is the same number of laps coil to detect leakage by controlling the instrument around the sides of the ring, and if the zero line and the line of fire of the current imbalance in the magnetic field is produced, there is an induced current in the induction coil, the controller it sends a signal leakage, electric heating is stopped immediately. But often in the actual installation, will encounter some cases less than the original estimate, such as solar heating electric pump to keep the common zero line, this line and neutral current is not equal, and then you can open the control device, the FireWire and the zero line on the ring off, so that the leakage function removed.