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Please Contact Fangpusun

Dec 01, 2020

If you are a supermarket purchasing department, please contact me. Our solar charge controller and power inverter will increase the variety of your supermarket and bring more convenience to your customers.


If you are an electronic product shop, please contact me. MPPT solar controller is a small part of the solar power grid system, it will increase your sales scope.


If you are a battery wholesaler, please contact me. All customers who buy batteries also need MPPT solar charge controller and pure sine wave power inverter on their solar home system.


If you are a wholesaler of MPPT solar charger and power inverters, please contact me to give your customers more specifications select.


If you are an installer, please contact me. Our solar battery charger and hybrid inverter warranty is 5 years. The design and quality as same as top brands will make your PV system better.


If you are an end-user, please contact me. I will provide you solar controller and inverters with the ex factory price


If you are a DIY reconfiguration system, you should contact me more. Please see how my customers trust fangpusun so much that they have always chosen our MPPT charger controller as the built-in his reconstituting inverter, and have always chosen our MPPT solar charging controller and battery monitor to match the inverter.