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Photovoltaic System - Travel With Your House

Sep 16, 2020

  The development of RV in the world is gradually mature, and there are constantly new types of RV rising. As a solar technology, fangpusun is very widely used. Fangpusun thinks that it is destined to travel with a house.

  In the contemporary society, people's consumption level has improved. There are still many people in the world who like to drive their own RV to travel and play. Fangpusun's technical concept is to provide a safe, reliable, stable and compatible power system for all kinds of applications. So a safe, efficient, stable and compatible truck inverter is the core of the whole Touring car solar power generation and power storage.

Playing with Touring car = higher electricity demand

 Truck inverter as a practical electrical appliance to improve the quality of life of Touring car, I believe that in addition to power and efficiency, the internal materials and workmanship will affect the safety, performance and life of the inverter. As the name suggests, Touring car has two major functions: house and car. Simple facilities can't attract tourists any more. With the Chinese idiom "sparrow is small, five zang organs are complete", all of which seem to increase the demand for "electricity" to some extent.

Photovoltaic system

High power inverter, why fear no power?

  Compared with other solar energy products, Fangpusun Xtender XTM and XTH Microtek pure sine wave inverter can be selected according to your needs. The hybrid inverter can realize the system composed of multiple inverters of the same specification. This means that you can do whatever you want, and you don't have to worry about being unhappy because of sudden power failure. This can also increase your happiness experience during the journey.

  Fangpusun Xtender XTM and XTH series are all-in-one charging inverter with advanced functions, which can be used in a fully modular way, and can also be used as battery charger and backup equipment if necessary.



  The proportion of solar energy used in the field of Touring car is increasing. It is not only the comfortable enjoyment of Touring car travel or camping life, but also brings a different life for low-carbon travel!