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On The Solar Streetlight System Landmark

Solar lighting system grounding device should be used in order to prevent accidents, today by small series solar controller to give you a brief introduction to the next solar street light system:

1, the protective ground: In order to prevent endangering the safety of persons and equipment when the equipment leakage, all electrical equipment exposed conductive parts through the ground wire grounding resistance should be consistent with the action leakage protection installation requirements.

2, Lightning Protection: To prevent electrical equipment being struck by lightning, the lightning, lightning arrester arrester wire and grounding, grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω.

3, grounding: the low-voltage grid neutral grounding system grounding resistance should be less than 10Ω.

4, then zero: the metal casing of electrical equipment, metal racks with neutral ground connection.

Insulated wire and grounding wire should be used, and the use of the entire line, the middle must not have joints. Arrester ground wire should choose the shortest distance to the ground wire. Protection device with wire cross-sectional area S≤16mm2, ground wire and protective conductor minimum cross-sectional area of S; 16 <S≤35, the grounding line and protection line a minimum cross-sectional area of 16; S> 35, the grounding line and protection line The minimum cross-sectional area of S / 2. grounding wire welding ≥2 times the length of the flat steel flat width.