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Knowledge Of The Properties Of The Solar Controller

Jan 19, 2015

First, compared to other types of lighting products, solar street light controller has a very superior performance, for example, we all know that most of the lighting products are not waterproof, so in their application environment can not appear any water or more humid environment, but solar street light controller is different, because it can be a normal normal working conditions in some relatively poor working environment, for example, even the working environment is very humid or work environment filled with some dust or dirt, solar street light controller can work properly, because solar street light controller has a good waterproof performance, so do not fear harm some wet work environment.

Second, because the solar street light controller with automatic temperature compensation function, so the actual work process, solar street light controller can automatically adjust the charging and discharging of the specific parameters, which can not only ensure the efficient use of energy, but also to ensure that the battery there is a very long service life.

Third, solar street light controller types are also charged with three different choices for consumers to make an appropriate choice, for example, consumers can choose a sealed lead-acid batteries according to their actual needs, you can choose a colloid Lead-acid battery or select a vented lead-acid batteries, and then depending on the selected different types of batteries, battery charging for these procedures is different.