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Introduce BMV-702 Battery Monitor

Oct 16, 2020

fangpusun BMV-702 is a high precision battery monitor.

The essential function of a battery monitor is to calculate ampere hours consumed and the state of charge of a battery. Ampere hours consumed are calculated by integrating the current flowing in or out of the battery.

The remaining battery capacity depends on the ampere-hours consumed, discharge current, temperature and the age of the battery.

Next to the basic display options, such as voltage, current, and ampere-hours consumed, the BMV-702 series also displays state of charge, time to go, battery terminal voltage and power consumption in Watts.

The important, fangpusun offer sample 45.95USD/set, include of shunt, screen, cables. Really nice and competitive price, work well in your solar system hybrid power inverter and solar charge controller.


Easy to install: All electrical connections are to the quick connect PCB on the current shunt. The shunt connects to the monitor with a standard RJ12 telephone cable. Included RJ 12 cable (10m) and battery cable with fuse (2m); no other components needed.