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Interview Engineer About Fangpusun New MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100A

Dec 31, 2020

Interview Engineer About Fangpusun New MPPT Solar Charge Controller 100A

Hello everyone, because there are many clients inquiry about fangpusun new MPPT solar charge controller 100A. We decided make a shot interview fangpusun Engineer Zhou for new products. Zhou is our company’s MPPT 100A R&D engineer. He has been working in Fangpusun for 4 years. Currently, he is mainly engaged in the development of controllers and inverters.  Let’s start!



Q (Question): Good afternoon Zhou! We have some question about Fangpusun New MPPT solar charge controller 100A. Thank you for accept this shot interview.

A(Answer):My  pleasure. What do you want to know ?

Q (Question):Today we want to know about the process of Flexmax100A.

A(Answer):Okay! The R&D phase has ended, and is currently in the mold stage.

Q (Question):So it can’t be mass produced yet, right?

A(Answer):Yes, but I think it won’t let customer waiting too long.

Maybe April or May, many customers could find it on fangpusun’s website.

Q (Question):That’s great. Next question is does the material of 100A shell is different from flexmax?

A(Answer):MPPT 100A housing made up with PBC+PC plastic, and similar to metal, with high strength, at the meanwhile it not easy to scratch. The shell is divided up and down, not the whole one,it is same as fangpusun Flexmax MPPT solar charge controller 60A/80A , The benefits of separating up and down, convenient wiring, also easy to check cable situation. It is IP 54.


Q (Question):Thank you Zhou,I have a question,because we don’t see fans inside, what is the cooling method of Flexmax 100A?As we know Flexmax MPPT solar charge controller use fans for cooling.

A(Answer):Fangpusun MPPT solar charge controller 100A has heat sink, heat sink is aluminum, light material, fast heat dissipation,the shape of the heat sink is not flat, and a little special, because it is good for heat dissipation, large metal area, faster heat dissipation. If you like fan for cooling, we could connect an external fan.

Q (Question):The last question is what’s the different with fangpusun MPPT solar charge controller 60A/80A?

A(Answer):Obviously, Flexmax MPPT solar charge controller 100A with big amp, it is 100a, the voltage is 24VDC/36VDC/48VCD. Max PV system voltage is  300VDC, but Flexmax 60A/80A is 150V, it could connect more solar panels,in order to use Flexmax 100A  convince, HUB , RTS and Mate3 will on market soon.




This is first time , fangpusun interview our engineer, we plan to use engineer interviews as a series, which to summarize some product technical issues, product updates, and product developments. We will update regularly. Welcome to leave message on fangpusun website. Maybe your question will become the topic of the next interview.


Last not least,Happy New Year!