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In The Era Of Big Data , Which New Photovoltaic Technologies Have Won The First Place?

Aug 18, 2020

         In this "big data" era, all industries are becoming more and more diversified, and photovoltaic industry is no exception. Fangpusun also keeps up with the pace of the times and constantly innovates。If the PWM solar charging controller is version 1.0, then the development of science and technology MMPT solar charging controller is version 2.0, and MPPT refers to maximum power point tracking. It is an upgraded product of solar controller and a hot product in the market at present.


         If you need a high-power solar charging controller, we recommend using MPPT solar charging controller. MPPT solar charging controller can detect the power generation voltage of solar panels immediately and track the maximum voltage and current value, so as to obtain more power from solar panels, and its efficiency is higher than that of PWM.

         There are two MPPT solar charging controllers in fangpusun, which may meet your power needs.

   Fangpusun FLEXmax The MPPT series hybrid charging controller has 60 amps and 80 amps. It can work in 12V to 60V DC control output. Innovative software calculation can increase the power output of your photovoltaic array by 30%. When you connect to the battery module, it will automatically detect the voltage. It has a bright display and four white buttons, which can search the 128 day history, You can use "mate2" system display for remote monitoring and configuration, and there are many powerful functions waiting for you to experience.

         Let's take a look at our new FLE max MPPT 100-300, which is an industrial design. The FLE max MPPT 100-300 is a top-level charging controller with high performance, high efficiency and multi-function. It is suitable for advanced power supply system, metal heat sink and safer protection controller. Its efficiency is up to 99%, and it supports 24v, The battery voltage of 36V and 48V has wider applicability. Its voltage range is as high as 300V photovoltaic array, which can be remotely monitored and configured by using "MATE3s" system display.


          In today's era, "big data" gives us a new perspective to see the world, that is, the source of driving our industrial innovation. Fangpusun believes that it is because of this that not only China but also the world will use the application of "big data" to promote development.