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Hub4 And Hub10 For Flexmax MPPPT Solar Controller

Oct 30, 2020

As we all know, fangpusun Flexmax MPPT 60A 80A solar charge controller has been selling well for 7 years. During the e-mail communication with our old customers for many years, we are very concerned about whether fangpusun Flexmax MPPT 60A 80A solar charge controller can be paralleled. Because the quality of the fangpusun MPPT solar controller is so good and stable, if it could connected in parallel, and can be used in a larger solar power system, it will be perfect!

Today I would like to tell you a good news, fangpusun Hub4 and Hub10 is on developing now, they will be released and began to sell in two months. At that time, fangpusun Flexmax MPPT 80A 60A controller could be used in parallel with Hub4 and Hub10, and users could configure solar MPPT charge controller freely. The HUB system communications manager is the backbone of your networked conversion system. The fangpusun HUB communicates stacking, load share and power save on/off signals. Through the use of a HUB, your system is completely coordinated and managed by the Mate.

Hub4 and Hub10_

Hub feature as following:

●The HUB communicates stacking phase, load share, incremental start-up and shutdown information directly between the inverters

●Interconnection cabling is standard CAT5 eight wire with RJ45 modular jacks.

●The HUB is powered via any MX60.