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How To Quickly Select Suitable Solar Charge Controller

May 15, 2019

There are all kinds of solar controllers in stores and on the internet. When we go shopping, it's hard to choose, and we don't know what factors to consider.

Wenzhou Xihe Electric Company interviewed several installers and end users, then summarized the following points for your reference:

1. small volume

2. Simple wiring

3. LCD Display can be separated from external

Based on the above information, installers and end users are most concerned about the features of simple and fast installation of solar charger controller. So fangpusun blue MPPT solar controller is recommended. Its size is very small, as long as the connection solar panels and battery. If you do not need to read the system information, that you do not need to buy an external display, like the below customer’s installed, only watching the flashing of LED lights can know that MPPT works well.




For some users who are keen to install their own systems, an external display will be matched. We can customize this wire from 1.5 meter to 6 meter. Users will install the inverters and solar regulator in a box, and then install the external display outside the box for easy setup and viewing.