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How To Install Solar Street Light Controller

Jan 19, 2015

Xiao Bian today solar street light controller give you a brief introduction about the street light controller should be how to install, how to install it? You know what? Here we follow a small series of simple to understand, are you:

First, the need to confirm the specifications are the following points: 1, the controller operating voltage, usually 12 / 24V automatic identification; 2, rated current meets the system requirements, such as a 5A or 10A; 3, load output function meets such is non-constant-current buck or boost or drive type, function will cause the load does not work, and may even damage the accessories.

When installed in the field of solar street light controller, follow the prompts on the controller to wiring installation. Each of our solar street light controller has a detailed wiring diagram and wiring instructions sequentially, and such is the summary wiring order our first experience. In general, the first positive line and load line connected, connect the rear must use tape to prevent touch line, the load is connected, and then connect the battery, as good tape. Next, do not rush to take the rest of the solar negative line, look at the working conditions of solar street light controller. After the normal system power controller red light flashes a few times to confirm the system, the system confirms after a good red light, about 1 minute or lamp 20S, work load indicator lights will be lit work load. If not lit, then check the load there is no wrong, look at the amount with a multimeter controller output there is no voltage output, troubleshoot and solve problems. After the load is light, it is confirmed that the system output is normal, and finally put the negative connected solar energy, if it is during the day, the solar lights will be lit on the controller, a minute later, the load off, the light starts blinking, indicating normal charging. There is no indication if the anode connected to the solar day, check with a multimeter at the output of solar panels is normal, reverse, correct treatment based on the test results.

Such a process, the entire system is all connected, and has been tested, so please follow our user prompts wiring order to wiring and installation. We also recommend user to install it on the first day, the load pull off, do not let the evening there is any output until the next day to full day and then connected to the electrical load. Because the battery during storage power will be lost, when you install the batteries are often not full, if the battery can be recharged before use, you can extend your battery life.