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Have You Protect Expensive Solar Cells?

Jul 20, 2019

fangpusun has been in the field of solar energy systems for about 10 years. The most familiar ones are solar controller and inverter.

If you don't use fangpusun's solar charge controller and fangpusun's power inverter in your solar system, you must use fangpusun's battery accessories. After all, a group of solar cells is so expensive and their service life is so short. If you don't use fangpusun battery accessories, the battery pack only working for three years. If you use fangpusun battery accessories, absolutely extend the life of four years. Most importantly, these accessories are lower price.


Firstly, introduce above fangpusun battery balancer, one piece for 24V battery cells and three pieces battery balancer for 48V battery. Its function is to keep the voltage deviation of lithium/AGM/GEL batteries within the expected range, ensure that each single battery keeps the same state in normal. Avoid happend overcharge and over discharge, and the battery will not explode. Fangpusun battery balancers has zero failure rate, zero return rate and 100% positive comments.


The second is Fangpusun BMV-700/702 battery monitor for 6.5-95 VDC batteries. Monitoring battery current, voltage, temperature and other related information, as well as power estimation, power consumption history records, display battery terminal voltage and temperature. Let you know the use of batteries in time and make appropriate adjustments.

So, take care of your battery system, and buy Fangpusun's battery balancer and battery monitor BMV-700/702 right now.