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Green Manufacturing ┃ Fangpusun Solar Controller

Nov 16, 2020

              In fangpusun, everything is rooted in our pursuit of quality. We are very strict in the selection of components, product testing and other aspects, so as to ensure that the best products can enter the market. Whether it is products or services, fangpusun always regards quality as dignity and sets an industry benchmark.

              In Fangpusun solarix MPPT 1010 MPPT 2010 series, it is specially designed to quickly track the maximum power point of photovoltaic array in any environment.


               It can be used with all PV modules to obtain the maximum energy of the solar panel in real time, and significantly improve the energy utilization rate of the solar system

               It has 5 LED lights, which is convenient for customers to understand the running status of the system in real time; it can meet the different needs of different customers, and can be applied in many fields such as household system, street light system, etc.

               In today's era, electricity is very important to all of us. In our life, it lights up our home and promotes industrial production. However, with the importance of all walks of life, power outage and usage time billing rate, fangpusun thinks that it is still necessary to improve the reliability, and reduce the operation of solar charge controller will make you face an embarrassing situation. Solarix MPPT 1010 MPPT 2010 series solar charge controller system voltage automatic identification, three-stage charging, voltage regulation... It also has electronic protection function, can let you control while power failure.


               But we have a simple logic. Green manufacturing is the requirement of fangpusun. Our end customers come from the needs of their hearts. Starting from reality, understanding the hearts of customers, humanized design of products and the improvement of products are the respect for our customers.