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General PWM Solar Charge Controller

Sep 24, 2020

             With less and less resources in the world, more countries begin to advocate green energy, among which solar energy has the highest popularization rate and the highest safety factor. In recent years, MPPT solar charge controller and various of power inverter,  the price of them also wide range, so users do not know how to choose.


             For the solar controller with long warranty years, long working life, European quality and competitive price, we recommend Solarix PRS10A / 15A / 20A / 30A PWM solar charge controller.


1. For maximum 1035W solar panel system

2. Used for 12V/24V solar home system, street light system

3. It is used in solar energy system to coordinate panel, battery and load, which is equivalent to the brain of photovoltaic system.

4. Prevent over discharge and overcharge of battery and extend the service life of battery

5. When the solar panel price is down, compared with the high price MPPT solar controller, users can consider buying more PV panel and PWM solar panel charge controller

6. Ensure working over 10 years, Warranty 2 years

7. With CE, ROSH, SGS, ISO9001 Certificates