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Fangpusun Summary

Jun 13, 2019

so fast that half of 2019 has passed. First of all, I would like to thank all new and old customers for their support and their trust in Fangpusun, so that fangpusun solar charge controller and power inverter can enter more users’ home.

Fangpusun made a statistics on the company's MPPT charge controller, battery monitor and pure sine wave inverter sales and sales areas. This statistical table can show not only hot sales products, but also our main sales areas of fangpusun.


From the current six-month product sales ratio, our Flexmax MPPT controller has been recognized by the solar sales market, and sales have been rising. In addition, sales of new XTH and XTM Xtender inverters in 2019 are also on the rise, which has attracted the attention of customers in Europe, Australia and Africa


Fangpusun solar controllers and inverters are sold to more than 160 countries, especially in Nigeria, the United States and Canada. Users have always rated fangpusun as No.1.