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Fangpusun Solar Street Light Controller

Sep 08, 2017

According to records, human use of solar energy has been 3,000 years of history. Nowadays, solar energy is widely used, the most common of which is the use in the street light, relying on solar panels to absorb solar energy during the day time, and night will be stored during the solar panels into electricity for street lighting.


Solar street lights have many components, in addition to solar panels, solar street light controller is an indispensable part of solar street lights. Use fangpusun solar controller on solar street light sindependent power supply, no need to embed power lines, environmentally friendly and beautiful, easy to install, Can be used for rural, island, highway and other lighting. so fangpusunsolar street light controller  in the United States, France, Japan and other developed countries in many areas are widely used.


In recent yearsfangpusun solar street light controller to become a lot of customer choice, fangpusun solar street light controller in the waterproof level up to IP68,even in the rainy day can resist the invasion of rain, the appearance of small, weighs only 150g, fangpusun solar street controller every day lighting 3-12 hours, can be continuous 3-5 rainy weather work, standard configuration, also could OEM customer brand according to customers requires.

If you are also engaged in the solar industry or intend to start the cause of solar energy, if you are willing to work together with our to develop your solar energy business, we are very welcome your inquiry and suggestions.

Finally hope that wherever you go, what weather, Sunshine always in your life.