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Fangpusun Solar Energy Products

May 22, 2019

Do you know that without financial assistance, solar photovoltaic power will continue to provide new sources of electricity cheaper than low-cost fossil fuel alternatives.

Next year, one fifth of the large solar photovoltaic capacity will cost less than the new coal, oil or natural gas resources, the report said. solar energy  is not far away from our life , if you want it, you will find fangpusun will help you built it .

Family solar energy is not as complex as we imagine. Simply , we only need solar panels, batteries, fangpusun solar charge controllers and fangpusun inverters. With these four things and the roof of your house, you can have your own solar energy system.

Fangpusun has been developing for seven years in the field of solar energy. Our main products are solar controllers and inverters. According to different household needs, we produce controllers as small as 3 amperes and as large as 100 amperes. All fangpusun controllers have two-year quality assurance. Of course, if you need three years, you only need to increase some extension costs, but our products  can  be use about 10 years.

Fangpusun's inverters are also manufactured from 300W to 8000W. Among them, 1000W and 1800W are well received in the use of RV and elevator. The new product XTM is a popular product this year. It has powerful functions, simple operation and easy to adjust data with remote display screen. The same 2-year warranty period can relieve your worries.

Fangpusun make life more better.