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Fangpusun’s Classic MPPT Solar Controller

Summer is coming in China. Some people dislike hightemperature of this season, but some people who useingsolar power people do. Summer not only means highertemperature ,also means higher solar power. As we know, solar energy is environmentally , if you want to use solar energy easier and safer, maybe you can choose our solar controller---fangpusun FLEXmax MPPT, this is our classic MPPT, Ithas 60A and 80A two types, 12V/24V/36V/48V/60V , LCD display for operating parameter, fault messages, selftest , two years warranty and CE ,RoSH,SGS,ISO9001 certificates. 


Our customer like this big guy very much, not only FLEXmax with high efficiency but also has good price. Comparing to many same rank solar charge controller, fangpusun FLEXmax MPPT solar controller price is half of thembut quality is also good enough. We aim at let more people use high quality solar charge controller, so we reduce our profit to offer acompetitive price. Maybe some one still think fangpusun price is too high, but many our customers’ feedbacks show that they think the price is fabulous, and they have never bought such excellent solar controller in this price before.


But today , fangpusun will take a good news to youIn order to let more people to know fangpusunwe decide offer big bigbig discount of FLEXmax MPPT, we hope our price will not like high temperature makes people fearThis is real the coolest price of this 5 years. So let’s star ourcooperation and send inquiry to us now.