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Fangpusun Products Raw Material Selection

Sep 29, 2020

Fangpusun workers are need to solder circuit boards every day.  The circuit board has many electronic components.  But we are not very familiar with those small colorful guys, they look like very small but many of them doesn’t native factory produced.

Even customers don’t like ask some question about raw material very often,but I am sure that you are must very interested in raw material.

Here is a form which shows the main part information.


As you see many of them come from USA, Japan and so on, so this form This form can reply many people question as below:

Why the price not same as another China products?

How to prove fangpusun product has high quality?

High price! I need discount friend.


Actually we want customer could buy cheap and good products from fangpusun, as we know that cheap and good quality cannot work together very well, our Purchasing Manager-Wang always said , I  always want the supplier give me low price but high quality raw material, few times I can get some discount. At this moment, I can feel   fangpusun customer's thinking completely.  But why I choose this products? There are many cheap products,why not replace it?  


The answer always in your mind, you want good quality, and you trust fangpusun has good quality. You want the cost worth. fangpusun products make sense for every solar system.

Trust yours choices, you make the wise decisions in fangpusun.

“high price ” come with good  raw material, good service and reliable solar products , fangpusun give you very fair price all the time.


Buy it and you will know it.