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Fangpusun PK Studer

Sep 23, 2019

In the field of off grid inverters Hermes belongs to Switzerland studer.


Studer Xtender Inverter, what's the value of this hybrid inverter? It belongs to a bidirectional inverter, also named inverter charger. It consists of an inverter, an AC charger and a transfer relay. All spare parts are taken from Germany, with built-in 230V 50A automatic transfer switch (16A/XTS), backup/intelligent enhancement mode of power grid/feeding mode of power grid/solar priority mode of power supply/Internet monitoring/modular design, arbitrary three-phase, in-phase parallel connection, maximum combination of 72KW, communication through CAN BUS data line, and maintenance. Synchronization and phase balance.


1. When the AC source (municipal power or diesel engine) appears at the AC IN terminal, the transfer relay will turn on immediately, giving priority to the load power supply, and the excess energy will charge the battery.


2. When the AC in source disappears, Xtender will immediately work in the inverted mode, providing a voltage source to power the load. The maximum switching time is 15 milliseconds.


3. When the battery voltage drops to a set value or the inverter is overloaded, the XTENDER relay contacts will send a signal to start the diesel engine and cut into the power supply system. When the diesel engine starts up, the transfer switch automatically turns on, giving priority to the load power supply, and the surplus current charges the battery (Power Sharing power distribution). When the battery voltage rises to a set value or the overload disappears, Xtender will automatically turn off the generator through relay contacts and supply power to the battery (DC side).


How much does such a power inverter XTM 4000-48 cost in ebay???



How much is fangpusun XTM 4000-48 DC to AC hybrid inverter charger?

It’s right ! You read price correct, for the same material, the same function, we only sell for one-third of the price. Make you proud in your circle of friends.