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​Fangpusun Party Of 2021

Jan 28, 2021

Fangpusun Party of 2021

Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,Ltd. is not only a Chinese factory, but also a warm and united family. One is responsible for technology research and development solar charge controller, one is responsible for the installation of MPPT solar controller electronic components, one is responsible for testing solar controller, and one is responsible for packaging hybrid inverter and MPPT solar charge controller.

After a busy year, we will meet the 2021 Chinese New Year ( The Spring Festival). Everyone gathered to have a game party. Summarize the work in 2020, bid farewell to 2020, welcome the new products in 2021, plan the work content in 2021, Every department communicates perfectly so as to provide better service to fangpusun's customers.



So in every game, we cooperated with each other very well. We spent a happy afternoon and got the bonus and gift. Everyone was very happy.