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Fangpusun On-grid Inverter

Photovoltaic (PV),  uses the photovoltaic effect of the solar cell  to convert solar radiation directly into electric energy. The inverter is the interface between the solar panel array and the mains electricity grid. The solar panels collect and convert sunlight into direct current (DC), which is then turned into alternating current (AC) and supplied to the elec-trical system by the inverter.



The main products of Fangpusun are the solar controllers, the off grid inverters and the on grid inverters. Next, we share fangpusun on-grid inverter 500W  with you.

Fangpusun Grid 500 are bulit in a modular manner, and simple to install ,with distribution over three phases , the system can at any time be expanded as desired, and thus flexibly adapts to your solar power system investment , fangpusun Grid 500 have an independent MPP tracker and achieve  a very high efficiency of up to 95.8%. Multi-coloured LED shows operating status .  Beautiful yellow cover shell , and with low weight.


We always received many good feedback from our customer ,not only they are satisfied with Fangpusun Grid 500's  technically state-of-the-art, environmentally friendly and functional, but also easy to install and can be expanded as required.


Last but not least ,the competitive price. we acknowledge that there are a lot of  inverters with long service life and high levels of reliability  inverters.  Of course,  Fangpusun Grid 500 also with this advantage ,  but none can offer such competitive price,  European standard of manufacturing, China  standard of price .


We welcome every inquiry and  sample order ,we are  sure that Fangpusun Grid 500 will pass your test .