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Fangpusun Make DC To AC

Apr 14, 2019

The Global Solar Council is a global organization of the solar energy industry. It was founded in Paris, France, in December 2015. The Council is headquartered in China and Secretariat is located in the United States. Most of its members come from leading national and regional solar energy associations. It covers traditional and emerging photovoltaic markets, including more than 30 countries: Australia, China, Europe, India, Southeast Asia, the Middle East, South America and the United States. It aims to share successful experiences and promote the global economy. Cooperative development of solar energy market.

By 2018, Africa will be the focus of the Council's attention. South Africa is at the top of Africa's installed solar system list, Solar energy will account for 9% of Africa's new power generation capacity in the next two years.

In many solar households in Africa, we often see Fangpusun controllers and inverters. This is because Africa is the fangpusun big market. Our Flexmax 80A is very popular in the African market. It has good design and high quality. It has won a good reputation in Africa.

But only with a controller is not enough for a family ,  the fangpusun inverter is also very important. The AC power of household electricity is converted from the inverter. A fangpusun pure sine wave inverter, which is also the choice of most African families, converts the DC power into AC power. This is the magic brought by the inverter, whether you are 12V DC or 24V DC power. Fangpusun inverters will convert to 120v, 220v, 230V AC if you need.

At the same time, fangpusun inverters have various specifications to meet the needs of different families.

For example: 300W and 600W low-power fangpusun inverters, but also has fangpusun XTH 5000W and 8000W big power inverters, that to meet different needs of people . In addition ,fangpusun 1800W inverters can also be used in RV and elevator, XTM series is suitable for frequent power area, you can use XTM and generators to generate electricity together.

A perfect fangpusun inverter will bring you a different life. We look forward to your further cooperate.