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Fangpusun Is Factory Or Not?

Jun 12, 2020

In this network economy time, we rely on trust each of other to through email, wechat and WhatsApp communication, then place order, do payment, arrange delivery, finial complete the whole transaction process. In this process, we don't know what the other side looks like, whether the suppliers are real factories, and how the products are produced.


I think Customers will be curious about whether Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,Ltd. is a factory or not?? We invited some customers to visit and help all buyers to verify our plant, equipment and technology.


The first group of customers is Rick from Australia, visited the workshop to inspected the assembly line and testing solar charge controller. Rick placed an order to purchase MPPT 30A 50A 60A 70A on the same day, and we have maintained a long-term cooperative relationship


The second group is Mark, a young man from Nigeria, who mainly purchases MPPT 60A 80A controllers and hot sale in Nigeria, sold 2000pcs each year. Mark inspected the workshop and take a picture.


The third group is a naughty old guy from America. He is a fan of our 10A 20A 30A PWM solar charge controller. This solar controllers has three-stage charging function, which can be better used in street lamp system, solar home system and outdoor. In February of 2020, he placed a new order for me. When he received the P.I., he immediately paid for it. At that time, he said something that touched me: "China's Covid-19 is stable, your factory needs support, and I have to pay you in full and fast !" At that time, I was so moved to see this message.


In the past 5 years of cooperation, we have not only the relationship between buyers and sellers, but also upgraded to the relationship of friends. We will consider each other and care for each other. Fortunately, I met such a good customer.

Of course, in addition to them, we have many other customers to visit, and we will take photos for memory, they saw that fangpusun is a factory, a real factory.