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Fangpusun Creative Easy Life

Apr 07, 2019

Solar photovoltaic power generation is considered to be an important way to solve the future energy supply ,because of its convenient use, environmental friendliness, simple maintenance and long life. Many people believe that solar energy is the patent of developed countries. But in some many  countries, solar energy has become an indispensable part,. Even in Gansu Province of China, solar energy is generated. Electricity has become the main income of families. More and more people like to use solar energy. Many people set up solar panels on their roofs. One day's power generation can almost provide the daily needs of families. But for some illusory energy, how can we really catch him? See him, maybe fangpusun can give you the answer.

Have a fangpusun controller in your home will be the best tool for you to see solar energy. Every day, you can observe the current from solar panels to batteries, adjust voltage, protect batteries, and query the solar power data of the past three months. It's not fantastic. Fangpusun will help you do this.

If there are enough solar panels, we recommend you use fangpusun PWM control. The solar charge controller PR 3030 is simple and easy to operate. The LCD display screen can see the charging degree of the battery. The charging amount of 30A meets many families' daily needs.

So there aren't many solar panels? We recommend that you use fangpusun MPPT 60A 80A controller. Super high transfer rate makes solar energy fully utilized. 97.5% efficiency is much higher than PWM controller, even some MPPT controllers. Super long 128-day history check everything which you want to know, high quality, 10 years of use is not a problem, of course, except destroyed by human.


Fangpusun not only lets you see the solar energy, but also makes it simpler and simpler. Every family that needs solar energy can use solar energy easily. Fangpusun creates a simple and green life style.