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Fangpusun Case Studies - Rving Off-Grid System (Australia)

Dec 01, 2020

System components

2 x Fangpusun Blue Series MPPT Charge Controller MPPT 100/30 (12/24 , 30A)

1 x Fangpusun PROsine 1800 (1800W)

1 x PV monitor Screen : MPPT-CONTROL

1 x Battery monitor : BMV 702

2 x 12.8V LiFePO4 120Ah Battery


The solution

RV power generation depends on the car driving to charge the car battery, and then the battery supplies power for the RV .

However, the power supply is not independent and synchronized with the on-board battery, which is easy to cause power loss of the car, leading to the car can not be ignited and other problems.


So with another off-grid system is very meaningful.

The Solar panels (In 24v , One MPPT 100/30A can be connect with 880W solar Panels) will be on the top of the car , Connect with MPPT Solar Charge Controller , Battery and Inverter .The power supply is stored in a large capacity battery, and then the battery supplies power for the RV.


The Solar energy has no pollution, low cost, quiet and no noise.


Why Fangpusun Solar charge controller and Inverter

Fangpusun Provide Real MPPT Charge Controller and Full Power Pure Sine Wave Inverter . Also a full accessary for PV and Battery Monitor .


Blue Series MPPT controller will track the maximum power point in the solar panel in real time to play the maximum efficiency of the solar panel . Also this models can be working different type of your Batteries .


PROsine Series are with Full Power , and with Ture Sine Wave Output , Low interference, low noise, complete protection function, good performance of the whole machine .


And the PV , Battery monitor can be easy for User to Monitor the each parameter value , easy to check and Programming .