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Fangpusun Annual Party Of 2019

Jan 14, 2020

Goodbye 2019

Hello, 2020

It's a happy night. In 2019, fangpusun sold MPPT solar controllers and power inverter to 180 countries, with sales increasing by 30%. More and more users recognized fangpusun solar charge controller quality and sales service.

This is not a factory, Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co.,Ltd is a family, all employees are family members, all customers are our friends. We got together and had a party tonight. Young girls put on traditional Chinese clothes, sang, danced, wrote and played games. Everyone had a good time at this moment, even the air smelled sweet.


The fangpusun MPPT charge controller you buy are all made by the following ladies, hahahha…….


At the end of the party, everyone got a new year's gift. I'm glad to see the progress of fangpusun, and I'm looking forward to the new products Flexmax MPPT 100A solar controller and solarix MPPT5020 (MPPT 50A) in 2020. I believe that in 2020, our sales will continue to grow. At that time, we invite you to share the joy with us.