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Every Email Is A Greeting To You

Dec 23, 2020

             Looking at the thin pages of the calendar on the table means we're going to have 2021 - it doesn't have to be wonderful, but it's like a brand new calendar in front of you. It means blank, unknown and cautious hope. As for the calendar 2020, which has been turned over, we just want to get rid of it.


             E-mail is a bridge for communication between people. Each email is a capital trust for customers. The transmission of each e-mail is a greeting and concern from fangpusun to you. E-mail is "going out" for foreign traders. The leading research and development and supporting technology of China's photovoltaic industry help photovoltaic enterprises upgrade their pace from global sales to global manufacturing, Then to global services and investment. From exporting high quality products to exporting services and experience. Fangpusun has also contributed to the photovoltaic industry.


              In the past decade, several products produced by fangpusun, such as sine wave inverter, hybrid inverter, charge controller and waterproof street lamp controller, have been exported to more than 200 countries around the world, making new progress in developing diversified markets. Although this year is a eventful year, the repeated epidemic situation has affected the promotion speed of all walks of life. Up to now, according to the BBC report, more than 40 countries and regions in the world have issued a travel ban in the UK for fear of the spread of the mutated new coronavirus. Our customers have also informed us of this news by email, which is comforting to our customers At the same time, we also share the latest news of fangpusun to customers in the form of e-mail. Recently, a new product, power star M & Power star h integrated sine wave inverter, was launched. We sent it to the customers. The customers were very happy when they learned about it and were grateful for our service. Every email is our interaction with you. It is also fangpusun's sincere thanks to customers for their trust and support for us, and even for the whole industry. Among the new industries, photovoltaic industry has become the most dynamic and vitality industry.