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Erase The Problem, Leave The Quality

Oct 20, 2020

            Due to the advantages of pollution-free, short construction period and mature industrial chain, photovoltaic power station has been the first choice for developing renewable energy in many countries. As a manufacturer of solar inverter and controller, Wenzhou Xihe Electric Co., Ltd. believes that, unlike the mature traditional energy, the photovoltaic industry has not yet touched the "innovation ceiling".


             Looking forward, 2020 will be near the end, and the photovoltaic industry and even the global energy demand are facing many uncertain factors, such as the popular trend of "covid-19", the control and control time of covid-19, the form and speed of economic recovery after the popularity of covid-19 fades. According to the data in 2020, the global energy demand is on the decline. Although the epidemic can bring great impact on the energy system, it also provides a good opportunity for the energy industry to accelerate to a stronger and more sustainable path.

             In the market of photovoltaic industry, the product quality level is uneven. How does Fangpusun stand out from the competition? Quality is critical. Our products are subject to rigorous long-term reliability testing and environmental adaptability testing.

             There should be "temperature" in the product: we have solar cell charger controller suitable for various scenarios. The solar cell charger controller runs fast, handles faults more professionally, has more reliable safety performance and higher efficiency. Of course, fangpusun, who has ten years' experience in solar energy, has been innovating for inverter upgrading. For example, the new-style Xtender series XTM & XTH power technology sine wave inverter of the new series can realize more and more complex functions, long service life and large amount of information. It can realize the inverter operation status, output power, fault type, full power module design, safe and reliable.


              Innovation in the photovoltaic industry has never stopped: its innovation will continue to reduce the cost of solar energy and increase its penetration rate.